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These are the real lost stories of J.D. Salinger. These are unpublished, and we have never seen them. They do exist, but it is doubtful that anyone will be able to find them any time soon. Some live in the Princeton University Library Archives and are available for viewing, though they don't let people take in any recording devices to smuggle them out!

Most of this information comes directly from a text file which came into my hands from a blessed reader of these pages. Sadly, we don't even have a source to thank for the editorial comments which follow some of the stories. Some information was also found in the various biographical and critical books about JDS.

Early stories

Salinger begain submitting stories for publication in 1940 and continued in earnest until he joined the army.

War stories

After joining the army, Salinger continued to write but his subject matter turned to the war.

Post-war stories

After the war, Salinger's fame led to fewer rejections.

Salinger later submitted an essay to Saturday Review concerning Ross, Shawn, and the New Yorker. The manuscript is "an open-letter essay, 25-30 pp., submitted in 1960...and rejected because of its length and unusual style."

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