A Young Girl in 1941 with No Waist at All

A Young Girl in 1941 with No Waist at All
Original Publication DateMay 1, 1947
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There are quite a few biographical references in this story of love on a cruise ship.

The young man-his name was Ray Kinsella, and he was a member of the ship’s Junior Entertainment Committee-waited for Barbara at the railing on the portside of the promenade deck. Nearly all the passengers were ashore and, in the stillness and moonlight, it was a powerful place to be. The only sound in the night came from the Havana harbor water slucking gently against the sides of the ship. Through the moon mist the Kungsholm could be seen, anchored sleepy and rich, just a few hundred feet aft. Farther shoreward a few small boats corked about.