Hapworth 16, 1924

Hapworth 16, 1924
Original Publication DateJune 19, 1965
Salinger.org Rating3.1

A long letter home from Camp Simon Hapworth by a young, precocious Seymour Glass. This is the story that will be made into a book at some time. It is the only Glass story not yet available in book form. It is very reminiscent of Seymour: An Introduction.

I will write for us both, I believe, as Buddy is engaged elsewhere for an indefinite period of time. Surely sixty to eighty per cent of the time, to my eternal amusement and sorrow, that magnificent, elusive, comical lad is engaged elsewhere! As you must know in your hearts and bowels, we miss you all like sheer hell. Unfortunately, I am far from above hoping the case is vice versa.